Hey ya'll... watch 'is! July 29 2014 2 Comments

You’ve probably heard the joke that “Hey ya’ll… watch 'is!” are a redneck’s last words, yet now I find myself uttering that same expression when I think about us launching Bourbon & Grits Boutique. 

The last six months have been a series of small adventures --- meeting with lawyers, accountants and designers; setting up spreadsheets; ordering tags and packaging materials; designing our "brand" and building a website; cataloging our products; organizing models at photo shoots; etc. What makes it a bigger adventure is that prior to this year, Missy and I have had absolutely no experience with actually owning an online boutique. Sure, like most warm-blooded American girls, we love to shop and buy pretty things. And like most warm-blooded southern girls, we love to wear those pretty things to tailgate. But Missy’s professional background is as a recruiter (which certainly will come in handy when we start to hire more staff), and my professional background is in TV news and media relations (still trying to figure out how that will help B&G).

But we both worked in retail during college, giving us some experience. And more importantly, we both loved to tailgate. Back then we’d dress up along with our sorority sisters every Saturday morning before the big game. That tradition remains today at nearly every college campus throughout the South, only now it’s not just the sorority girls. This long-standing tradition is carried on by ALL the students, alumni and parents at every proper southern college football tailgate. So we know there’s a need for Bourbon & Grits Boutique… and we intend to fill it.

This last month leading up to our launch has involved a few panic attacks and a lot of prayer. But we’re diving in head first screaming, “Hey ya’ll… watch 'iiiiiiiiis!” the whole way. We are excited to continue our adventure, and thrilled you chose Bourbon & Grits to style you.

See ya'll at tailgate!