The end of football season is also a beginning November 26 2014

Around this time one year ago, Shannon and I revisited Boone, NC, where we both attended college, to bring a vision into reality - Bourbon and Grits Boutique (which we jokingly refer to as our "newborn").  

In that weekend, we decided on our company name, how we wanted to structure our business, and what was highest on our list of priorities.  Everything at the top of our list happened this year:

  • We successfully launched an online company.
  • We felt a personal connection to each of our customers.
  • We learned that we could be good parents and still work hard (with the help of our supportive families).

But the unexpected lesson we learned this first year of Bourbon and Grits Boutique is what true friendship really is: the completely unselfish act of "putting each other's needs first." Reflecting on the end of our first football season (and the beginning of basketball!), and now that Thanksgiving is here, I realize that getting to work with my lifelong best friend is the greatest gift this business has produced.  YES, we have had a BALL creating this fun company, and YES, we met all the other business goals that we wanted to meet - but WE DID IT with the only intention being to serve each other, our families and our customers. I wish I could write how eternally grateful I am for:

1.  Shannon and her precious family (which I call my own too)... we only exist because of a dream Shannon had of this Boutique, her husband, Hoyle - and his genius team at Frogman Interactive for their branding and creative design talents, and her kids for just being completely AWESOME!

2.  All of our overwhelmingly supportive friends who went OUT of their way to post our page on social media, buy our styles, model our clothes, offer their suggestions, laugh at our crazy stories, teach us this business and love us in the process. THERE ARE NOT ENOUGH THANK YOUs.

3.  Our shocking amount of fans (we were hoping for 500 Facebook "likes" by Thanksgiving - and we are almost at 1000!!!) and customers whom we are NUTS about!  We love your ideas, suggestions, positive reinforcement, constructive criticism (and we REALLY listen to you!), and all the LOVE we feel from you.  It is completely humbling in a way I have never been humbled.

So this year, Thanksgiving for me has taken on a new meaning - just as it did after my first child was born, and again when my twins were born - my heart just keeps exploding with a deep gratitude that no blog, article or interview could capture.  So along with the debut of many new styles that can be worn year-round, Bourbon and Grits Boutique will begin the second year of our "newborn's" life with lessons learned and lots of love.


God Bless,